World Class Coaching – Francisco Montana III, Francisco Montana Sr., etc.. among the other well-recognized coaches from the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

Abundant top-flight competition – within our students – with students from other academies that also utilize our facilities – and with students from other nearby academies.

Four first-rate facilities – Miami-Dade College (Kendall), 12 courts. Dante Fascell Tennis Center, six clay courts; Tropical Park Tennis Center, 12 courts; Ron Ehmann Tennis Center, six courts. More details on all of the above in next About us page.


Certainly, the individualized philosophy and comprehensiveness of our programs matter; certainly, the wide and varied expertise of our teaching staff is another distinction; and so is the friendly stimulating ambience, setting and professionalism our facilities exude.

But it is in the ever-constant application of our philosophy to give our little beginner tots the same enthusiastic skillful teaching and concern we give our national champions that sets us apart.

By exposition and by example our students learn to acquire the traits and personal attributes required for success and personal fulfillment – important in most fields, but even more vital if the child’s dreams are high athletic achievement and recognition.

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